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  • TBL
  • definition 
  • implementation
  • demands the students to work in teams to solve a problem
  • a teacher directed method that involves:
  • active collaborative learning 
  • small group discussion 
  • individual and group accountability 
  • held during a single session in a course or sessions during the whole course
  • phase 2 
  • phase 1 
  • phase 3
  • material provision
  • students receive materials that they need to study before going to the TBL session 
  • 1.IRATs(individual readiness assurance test )
  • this is a test were each student completes a set of multiple choice questions 
  • GRATs( group readiness assurance test)
  • this is the same test each syudeny carried out individually but now they have to answer the test as a group
  • tAPP( team application )
  • students in teams are presented with scenarios that are similar to a real life situations 
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