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  • World War I-Mrs. C
  • In Europe tensions are high with feelings of...
  • Nationalism-
  • Militarism-
  • Imperialism-
  • WWI Begins  June 28, 1914
  • Assassination of Franz Ferdinand, Austria-Hungary Archduke, by a Serbian terrorist  for Bosnia's independence from Austria-Hungary empire.
  • This starts the System of Allies.
  • Austria-Hungary declare war on Serbia.
  • Russia declares war on Austria-Hungary.
  • Germany declares war on Russia.
  • France declares war Germany.
  • Germany invades France via Belgium
  • Britain declares war on Germany.
  • Ottoman Empire allies with Austria-Hungary.
  • National pride.
  • Building a nations military
  • Empire building, wanting territory
  • Pres. Wilson Chooses Neutrality 
  • U.S. had too many ethnic backgrounds to choose a side +no "entangling alliances". 
  • Neutrality allowed the U.S to have potential economic relations w/ both sides.
  • British Blockade + German U-Boats attacks make neutrality difficult.
  • U-Boat fire on Lusitania, The Arabic and Sussex pushing U.S. further into conflict.
  • Leads to Sussex Pledge Germans would warn ships of attack of U.S broke British blockade. 
  • U.S. begins Prepareness Movement to be ready to enter the war if necessary.
  • Propaganda Campaign begins in U.S. against Germany
  • British intercept Zimmermann Note. This increases U.S. Anti-German feelings.
  • Zimmernann Note: Germany would ally with Mexico if U.S. entered the war.
  • Pres. Wilson asks Congress to declare war on Germany
  • Congress declares war on Germany.  April 2, 1917
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