Development of Germany 1919-1991


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  • Treaty of Versailles1919
  • Spartacist Uprising1919
  • Kapp Putsch1919
  • RuhrHyperinflationMunich Putsch1923
  • Gustav StresemannGolden Years?1924-1929
  • Wall Street Crash1929
  • Rise of Nazis1930-1933
  • Hitler is Chancellor1933
  • Reichstag FireEnabling Act1933
  • Night of the Long KnivesHindenburg deathHitler is dictator1934
  • WW2 starts1939
  • War turns against GermanyFinal solution1942
  • Germany loses WW21945
  • Germany in 4 zones1945-1947
  • Berlin BlockadeAirlift1948-1949
  • Germany officially divided1948-1949
  • West Germany joins ECSC1951
  • West Germany joins EEC1957
  • Berlin Wall goes up1961
  • Berlin Wall comes down1989
  • Germany reunited1990
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