Implementation of HACCP


HACCP Course Flowchart on Implementation of HACCP, created by Andrew Burke on 31/08/2017.
Andrew Burke
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Andrew Burke
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  • 5. On-site confirmation of the flow diagram
  • 4. Construct a flow diagram
  • 3. Identify the intended use
  • 2. Describe product
  • 1. Assemble a HACCP team
  • 10. Establish corrective actions
  • 8. Establish critical limits for CCP's
  • 6. List hazards, conduct hazard analysis, consider control measures
  • 7. Determine Critical Control Points (CCP's)
  • 11. Establish verification procedures
  • 9. Establish monitoring system for CCP's
  • 12. Establish documentation and record keeping
  • The 12 Codex Steps for HACCP Implementation
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