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Encoding information is changed or encoded so that it can be stored. This can be done visually, acoustically, or semantically.
storage encoded information is stored in the memory so that it can be accessed at a later date
retrieval accessing or retrieving the information from storage
duration how long information can stay with that memory
capacity how much information be stored with that memory
sensory memory unencoded information received through
short-term memory contains encoded information from the sensory memory. Its capacity is between 5 and 9 objects, and its duration is up to 30 seconds.
chunking chunking information so it can be stored more easily
long term memory the store house of all things in the memory that are not currently being used. The duration is up to a lifetime and the capacity is limitless
retroactive interference occurs when new information interferences with the ability to recall old information
proactive interference occurs when old information interferes with your ability to take in new information
amnesia memory loss that is usually caused by physical injury to the brain; it can also be caused by a traumatic, emotional event
retrograde amnesia is a form of amnesia where someone will be unable to recall events that occurred before the development of amnesia
anterograde amnesia is a loss of memory of what happens after the event that caused the amnesia
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