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Some key definitions for the U.S. HIstory Regents.
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Judiciary Act of 1789 a law that established the federal court system and the number of Supreme Count justices and that provided for the appeal of certain state court decisions to the federal courts
Cabinet the group of department heads who serve as the president’s chief advisor
Democratic-Republican political party known for its support of strong state governments, founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1792 in opposition to the Federalist Party
Protective tariff a tax on imported goods that is intended to protect a nation’s businesses from foreign competition
Alexander Hamilton secretary of state who was chosen by George Washington. He believed in a strong central government led by upper-class citizens and believed that commerce and industry were the main factors to a strong nation
Bank of the United States either of the two national banks, funded by the federal government and private investors, established by Congress, the 1st in 1791 & 2nd in 1816
Two-Party System a political system dominated by two major parties
Excise tax a tax on the production, sale or consumption of goods produced within a country
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