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Hinduism Polytheistic religion - traced back to the ancient Indus River Valley civilization Salvation - Spiritual oneness of the soul, atman, with the ultimate reality of the universe, Brahman
Judaism Monotheistic religion - Abraham is generally recognized as the founder due to his covenant with God Belief - One God who is the creator of all things. The laws that all Hebrews needed to follow were recorded in Exodus 20:3-17 and are known as the Ten Commandments.
Buddhism Based on the idea of Hinduism - founded by Siddhartha Gautama, or Buddha, which means "enlightened one" Desire is the root caused of all suffering, this idea is displayed in the Four Noble Truths. Buddhists believe in an endless cycle of reincarnation, or samsara, and one is reincarnated until they can achieve nirvana.
Confucianism Founder - Kong Fu Zi in China around 500 BCE Teaches that there is a natural social order to society which can best be explained through the Five Relationships: ruler to ruled, father to son, older brother to younger brother, Husband to wife and friend to friend.
Taoism Founded by Lao Tze during the latter part of the Chou Dynasty Philosophy - nature has a "way" in which it moves, and people should just accept the "way" of nature rather than resisting it.
Christianity Monotheistic religion - developed from Judaism and founded by Jesus of Nazareth in Israel Follows the Ten Commandments and believe that Jesus of Nazareth was the Son of God and was sent to redeem the world of sin.
Islam Monotheistic religion - Muslims - which means "one who submits to the will of Allah." Founded by the prophet Mohammed. The teachings of Islam - the Five Pillars of Islam Confession of Faith, Prayer, Charity, Fasting, and Pilgrimage.
Animism The oldest known type of belief system in the world. Animists practice nature worship. They believe that everything in the universe has a spirit.
Shinto Shinto, which means "Way of the Gods," is the traditional religion of Japan that focuses on nature Teaches that there is a sacredness of the whole universe and that humans can be in tune with this sacredness. Everything on earth has a kami that inhabits them.
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