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Entirety of C1.6 (vegetable oils). Taken directly from the spec so it should be all that you need to know =)
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What do you extract vegetable oils from? Some fruits, seeds and nuts are rich in oil
How does one extract vegetable oils? -Plant material is crushed -Oil is removed by pressing -Or by distilation -Water and othe rimpurities are removed
Why are vegetable oils useful? Vegetable oils are useful foods and fuels as they provide a lot of energy. They also provide us with nutrients
What are the pros and cons of cooking with vegetable oils? -Higher boiling point than water so can cook food at higher temperatures -Quicker cooking -different flavour -Crispy -Softer on the inside -More energy =(
What are emulsions? droplets of oil in water or droplets of water suspended in oil
What are the properties of emulsions? -Thicker than either oil or water -provide better texture -better coating -better appearance
What are emulsions used for? -salad dressings -ice cream -paint -cosmetics
What are emulsifiers used for? How do they work? Emulsifiers are used to create more stable emulsions. They have a hydrophilic head that attaches itself to water and a hydrophobic end that attaches itself to the oil
What are unsaturated vegetable oils? How can they be detected? Unsaturated vegetable oils have a double carbon bond and can be tested for as they turn bromine water from orange to colourless
Describe the process of hardening? unsaturated vegetable oils are: -Reacted with hydrogen -At 60 C -With a nickel catalyst -Hydrogen adds to the carbon bonds Called hydrogenation
Why do we harden vegetable oils? saturated vegetable oil have a higher melting point so they are solid at room temperature and can be used for spreads, cakes and pastries
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