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MMS In industry today, a number of systems are used to ensure customers get the products they want on time and to the correct level of quality.
Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) Consumer demand changes rapidly with fashion, many industries can no longer manufacture items to go into stock or storage before sale, for risk of not being able to sell their products if there is a change in market demand. Instead they 'make to order' this avoids expensive storage costs while waiting for products to be sold. However customers may have to wait longer for products.
Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) A system of using bar-coded products that are later scanned at P.O.S the item is then registered with the distributors and manufacturers allowing them to re-order stock/materials etc. This can also be used to ID a component and who made it for QA/QC.
Just in Time (JIT) A system to ensure customers get the products at the right time, and so manufacturers dont have to stockplie raw materials. Manufacturers order the materials for when they need them in the manufacturing process, this avoids stock cluttering up the assembly line.
Kanbans The control of stock levels is managed using computer systems. Parts and components are delivered in containers to the the work cell that they are needed in. Barcodes are used to identify the part and the quantity contained, a card with the same information is stored inside the container. When the items are being used up this card is delivered to the office in a chute, when they are collected they are scanned and using electronic data the parts can automatically be reordered from the supplier.
Master Production Schedule (MPS) A computer controlled scheduling system that sets the quantity of each product to be made in a given time period. For example 'order based' scheduling may be used.
Telematics A system used to electronically track a product from receipt of consumer order through to assembly and dispatch. This allows the progress of the order to be checked at each stage.
Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS) This is used in batch production, when manufacturers mass produce products such as aerosol cans and toothpaste tubes and so on, they will use dedicated automated equipment that can be configured to produce different items, by changing different components or software, for example different tool bits etc.
Computer Integrated Manufacture The use of ICT to link the design planning, manufacture and distribution of a product. All of the groups involved in working on a project/product work together through: CAD, email, spreadsheets, MMS, barcodes, production schedules, marketing, CAM, photography and different databases.
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