AQA AS Biology Unit 2 DNA and Meiosis


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Nucleotide Section of DNA made up of: 1 pentose sugar 1 Phosphate group 1 Base (Nucleic Acid)
Complementary Adenine always bonds with Thymine Cytosine always bonds with Guanine They are complementary
Purines Consist of a six-membered and a five-membered nitrogen-containing ring, fused together (Adenine and Guanine)
Pyrimidine Have only a six-membered nitrogen-containing ring (Thymine, Cytosine and Uracil)
Gene A section of DNA that codes for making a polypeptide
Triplet Code 3 bases code for an amino acid
Chromosome Thread-like structure made of protein and DNA, passes hereditary information on
Homologous Chromosome 2 chromosomes determining the same characteristics (one maternal, one paternal)
Allele One of the different forms of a gene
Meiosis Cell division that produces 4 haploid cells (half the chromosomes) they are all genetically different and are called 'daughter cells'
Mitosis cell division that results in two daughter cells each having the same number and kind of chromosomes as the parent nucleus
Locus Position of a gene on a chromosome
Independent segregation Homologous pairs randomly separate during meiosis 1 into separate cells
Crossing over The process where chromatids break and rejoin with their homologous chromosomes to exchange pairs
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