64. People are Hard-Wired for Imitation and Empathy


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Example of our built-in, wired-into-the-brain capacity for imitation. Benefit as a designer? In your design you may use this knowledge to influence behavior.
Mirror Neurons The starting point of empathy.
Premotor Cortex Located in the front of the brain.
Motor as in... Movement
Premotor cortex Makes PLANS to move.
TRUE or FALSE: Premotor cortex is the part of the brain that actually sends out the signals that MAKE YOU MOVE. FALSE; that part of the brain is called: The Primary Motor Cortex.
Then, which is the part of the brain that makes PLANS to move? THE PREMOTOR CORTEX!
True or false: Just by watching other people take action causes some of the same neurons to fire as if you are actually taking action yourself... TRUE; this subset of neurons has been dubbed MIRROR NEURONS.
True or false: Mimicking other people's body language makes them like you more... TRUE
Vilayanur Ramachadran One of the leading researchers in mirror neurons. The following is about a TED talk about his research on this subject: http://but.ly/aaiXba
True or false: You could use stories if you want to get people to take action. TRUE; research shows that stories create images in the mind that may also trigger mirror neurons.
What kind of video should be shown if the intention is for people to get a flu shot? Showing a video of other people in line at a clinic getting a flu shot.
If the intention is to get kids to eat their veggies what kind of video should be shown? Other kids eating their veggies. (As simple as that-Mirror neurons at work!)
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