the setting up of the weimar republic and the national assembly.


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Ebert arranged for something to happen in order for the state to keep running. It was...? Ebert arranged for the civil servants who had helped run Germany under kaiser to stay in the office. They were instructed to work with soldiers and workers councils, so taxes would be collected, schools would be run, etc.
Ebert reassured General Groener of what? What did Ebert get in return? Ebert reassured General Groener that the army would not be reformed, officers would keep their ranks, in return, Groener agreed to use the army to support the new republic and keep it in power.
Ebert reassured leaders of industry that the new republic would not confiscate _____ or factories, and that there'd be no _____________ of private industries. blank 1) land blank 2) nationalisation (state control)
finally, Ebert won support of the trade unions. what did he promise their leader? who was their leader? their leader was Carl legien, and he was promised that the new republic would allow an eight hour working day.
with all of these promises, was everyone satisfied? If not, why not? No. Some extreme political parties were still dissatisfied. Demonstrations and riots were common in the major cities. However, Ebert still manage to achieve fragile control.
choose one of the following The elections took place in: 1919/1945 Ebert announced that there would be national elections for a/a chosen national assembly. because there was so much unrest, the meeting took place in berlin/ weimar 1919. national elections weimar
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