Alleles and Complimentation- Definitions


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Genotype Genetic Makeup- of an individual, group or species
Phenotype Viewable Organism Traits
Allele One of a series of possible alternative forms of a given gene
Gene Hereditary unit that occupies a specific locus in the organism's genome
Amorph Mutation Genetic Null- Complete loss of all gene function
Hypomorph Reduced gene function
Hypermorph Increased gene function
Antimorph A mutant that inhibits wild type function
Neomorph New gene function
Dominance- Referring to Allelic interaction Effects genotype, not inheritence
Phenotypic Investigation Used to determine dominance and recessiveness in genotypes
Recessive Alleles Only effect phenotype when present in homozygous form
Yeast- Diploid or Haploid? Exists in both forms- if starved of nitrogen, they form haploid spores
Yeast as a Model Organism Dominant/Recessive traits obvious when spores breed together
Mutagenesis An event capable of causing mutation- done in labs using chemicals/UV
Allelic Mutations Where induced mutations all occur to the same allele
Non-Allelic Mutations Mutations occurring to different alleles that effect the same pathway
Dominant Negative Mutation A mutation that adversely effects the activity of the wild type allele (if present)
TRF2 A protein that binds to telomeric DNA using it's Myb domain
Mutant TRF2 Example of a dominant negative mutation- mutant TRF2 lacking a Myb domain strips the w.t of its Myb domain
Myb Part of TRF2 required to bind to the telomere
Epistasis Where the presence of one GENE masks the expression of another
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