Cell Line Traits


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Primary/Immortal Cells - Anchorage Dependent Yes
Primary/Immortal Cells - Growth Factor Dependent Yes
Primary/Immortal Cells - Density Dependent Inhibition Yes
Primary/Immortal Cells - Morphology Flat, extended growing surface with elongated stress fiber network
Primary/Immortal Cells - Monolayer Growth Yes
Density Dependent Inhibition Cells will stop dividing once in full contact with other cells- forming a monolayer
Growth Factors Allow signaled proliferation only (found in serum) in normal cells
Transformed Cell Line Immortalised cell line that could form tumors in the immunocompromised
Transformed Cell Line - Anchorage Dependent No
Transformed Cell Line - Responds to Apoptic Signals No
Transformed Cell Line - Growth Factor Dependent Reduced, but not gone- autocrine stimulation
Autocrine Stimulation Cell produces chemicals that signal itself
Transformed Cell Line - Density Dependent Inhibition No- leads to necrosis of cells below surface
Transformed Cell Line - Increased Metabolic Rate Yes- inc. Glucose transport, lactate production & protein generation
Warburg Effect Cells metabolise differently- glycolysis & lactic acid fermentation, which is detectable
Transformed Cell Line - Morphology No defined shape, increased motility, decreased surface fibrinogen
Fibrinogen Protein that attaches cells to each other & causes density dependent inhibition
Tumerogenic Cell If injected into healthy mice, these cells will invade & metastasie tissue
E-Cadherin Also prevents density dependent growth
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