Drugs used to treat lung cancer & staging system


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Tiotropium inhaler I puff od used to Enlarge airways
Fluticasone inhaler 250mcg bd Prevent symptoms of asthma
Eryhtromycin 500mg qds Antibiotic
Admission: Salbutamol Nebs 5mg qds Short acting: opens up bronchioles
Ipratropium Nebs 500mcg tds Short acting: opens up bronchioles
Prednisdone 40mg om 5 days Steroids to reduce inflammation in airways
Ciprofloxacin 500mg bd Antibiotic
Stage 1 Cancer small Only in one area of lung (localised)
Phrenic nerve Helps you breathe Pulls diaphragm down
Stage 2 Cancer is larger May have grown into surrounding tissues and there may be cancer in lymph nodes
Size of tumour in stage 2A 5-7cm OR Tumour is less than 5cm and there are cancer cells in lymph nodes nearby
Size of tumour in stage 2B Tumour is 5-7cm in lymph nodes
Stage 3 Cancer is larger and may have grown into surrounding tissues and there may be cancer cells in lymph nodes (locally advanced)
Meaning of TNM Tumour, Node, Metastases
Meaning of T in TNM Size of tumour
Meaning of N in TNM Whether cancer cells have spread into lymph nodes (N) close to the cancer
Meaning of M in TNM Whether cancer cells have spread anywhere else in the body, metases (M)
T1A Tumour is contained within lung and is smaller than 2cm across
T1B Tumour contained within the lung and is between 2 and 3cm across
T2 Tumour between 3 and 7cm across or has grown into the largest
T3 Tumour >7cm or has grown into one of the following: chest wall central lining of chest cavity (mediastinal pleura) Muscle at bottom of chest cavity (diaphragm) Outer covering of the heart (pericardium) OR tumour has made whole lung collapse
N0 No cancer in any lymph nodes
N1 Cancer in lymph nodes nearest affected lung
N2 Cancer in lymph nodes in the centre of chest (mediastinum) but on same side as affected lung OR cancer in lymph nodes just under where windpipe branches off to each lung
N3 Cancer in lymph nodes on opposite side of the chest from affected lung
M0 No sign cancer has spread to another lobe of the lung or any other part of body
M1a Tumours in both lungs of fluid around lung/heart that contains cancer cells, malignant pleural effusion/pericardial effusion
M1b Lung cancer cells in distant parts of the body - liver or bones
Atropine is a what type of amine Tertiary
Ipratropium is common structural feature which is in a charged form with a permanent positive charge - charged molecules do not cross the membrane very well
How the 3 drugs work Relieves muscle contraction by blocking parasympathetic nerves rather than causing constriction - dilate
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