Origins of the American civil war 1820-1861


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What is an abolitionist? An abolitionist is someone who believes in the banning/abolishing of slavery
Who was William Lloyd-Garrison? An abolitionist from the North, considered to be quite radical by some.
What was the American colonization society? created in the 1800s to send slaves back to Africa - Purchased Liberia to send black slaves there.
Who was Nat Turner? A slave who led a slave rebellion in 1831 - Killed 55 white men, women and children
When was the Kansas-Nebraska act passed? 1854
Who was Stephen Douglas? A senator from Illinois, main figure during the Kansas - Nebraska act, believed in popular sovereignty.
Who was Dred Scott? A slave who unsuccessfully sued for his freedom in 1857
Who ruled against Dred Scott's freedom? Judge Roger B Taney
Why wasn't Dred Scott given his freedom? He was not an American Citizen According to the 5th amendment of the constitution Americans had the right to take their property anywhere (Slaves were property)
What were the points of the compromise of 1850? *California would enter the union as a free state *Texas would surrender land disputed to New Mexico *New Mexico and Utah would enter the union without restriction or mention of slavery More stringent/forceful fugitive slave law would be enforced *Slave trading would be banned in Washington D.C but not slavery itself
Who proposed the Omnibus bill for the 1850 compromise? Henry Clay (The great compromiser)
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