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CO-HYPONYMS same type of subordinate group eg: banana and apple are a part of fruit
What does a SYLLABLE TREE look like? sigma / \ O R / \ N C
I can ______ verb
The _____ thing ADJECTIVE
[ ] can be good/bad Noun Phrase
It/They can [ ] Verb Phrase
It/They can *BE* [ ] or [ ] Adj. Phrase or Prep Phrase
How is the PHRASE TREE set up? XP / \ Spec X' / \ X Comp
What is the ENTITY in a sentence called? SUBJECT
What is the EVENT that an entity is involved in called? PREDICATE ( veerrrbs)
ENTITIES are usually described by ____, therefore SUBJECTS have the form of a ____ ____ (_ _) Nouns Noun Phrase (NP)
It came ___ the house PREPOSITION
What does a [ Transitive Verb do? - has a Direct Object & acts on something else eg: kick [the ball] (v) (d.o.)
What is [ Intransitive??? - *NOOO* direct object or transfer
What is a [ Ditransitive Verb? - has Direct Object and Indirect Object - can rearrange! eg: [send a message] [to Barb] D.O. I.O. or eg: send [Barb] [a message] V NP VP
What is a [ Transitive Locative verb? -has a direct object and a location eg: put [ the book ] [ on the shelf ] D.O (VP) PP
What is a [ Linking Verb? - verb that links the phrase back to the subject eg : (BE) I am -very tired - in the library -a good worker
HOMOGRAPHY when the words are SPELLED the same, but don't sound the same eg: pen/pen or dove/dove
HOMONYMY when words that are spelled/sound the same mean different things BAT (animal) and (baseball) BAT
ENTAILMENT when one sentence is true, the other is also but not vise versa S1 = S2 but S2 doesn't = S1
SYNONYMY one meaning / multiple forms
POLYSEMY when a word has the same spelling and sounds the same with related but diff. meanings MOUSE (animal) vs. MOUSE (computer)
PARAPHRASE when two sentences mean the same thing in a rearranged way -works both ways S1 = S2 S2 = S1
MERONYM part of a whole eg: tail
HYPONYMS HYPO = TYPE-O type of something eg: bluejay = bird
HOMOPHONY when words sound the same but aren't spelled the same eg: flower / flour
ANTONYMS (2 categories) GRADABLE: opposites on a scale eg: COLD ... cool... tepid.. warm.. HOT NON-GRADABLE/ABSOLUTE: form a dichotomy
What are the [ QUALIFER ] words ( 6 ) ~ 2 categories limit frequency: always sometimes never frequently limit scope: just only
The ____ of the ... NOUN
Types of Spec. & what they go with. ( 3 Spec. 1 Spec has 2) Determiner ( N ) Qualifier ( V ) Degree ( A&P)
Qualifier (Adverbs) ( BEFORE / AFTER ) a ( N/V/A/P ) ? and what does it do? BEFORE A VERB LIMITS
AUXILARY (helping) come ( BEFORE / AFTER) a ( N/V/A/P )? *but* give ____ info? BEFORE A VERB GRAMMATICAL
modals (9) can - could will - would shall - should may / might / must
Non-Spatial Preps. (8) of - far - from at - about - by with - to
SENTENCE TREE structure IP / \ NP I' / \ I VP NP = subject I = non-past/past or modals VP = predicate
What is AFFIXATION? productive way in which new words have entered English language eg: KING-ly re-FOREST-ation
what is an ACRONYM? Initials stand for long expression eg: SCUBA (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus)
what is BACKFORMATIONS creating a new, shorter word from an existing word pre - ROOT -suffix eg: resurrection --> resurrect donation --> donate
what is BLENDING combining two existing words into one (only the spelling) eg: brunch, guesstimate, motel, ligers
what is BORROWING adopting words from other languages eg: kindergarten zero
what is CLIPPING shortening of a word by deleting 1 or more syllable eg: Liz, Bob, lab., ling.
what is CLITICIZATION putting 2 content words together except one's been phonetically reduced & pronounced as 1 word eg: You'*re* I'*m* he'*s* "they'RE, not THEIR"
what is COINAGE? creating a word from scratch usually from a product eg: Kleenex, swiffer.
what is COMPOUNDING? combining pre-existing ROOTS may be hyphenated eg: undercoat slavetrade blackboard blow-dry
what is CONVERSION? changing syntactic category eg: Butter N --> V (butter the toast) Down P --> V (down your drink)
what is an EPONYM? naming something after someone eg: Ferris wheel cardigan (Earl of Cardigan)
what is INITIALISM? pronounce initials HRT, UN, brb, jk, lol, wtf, fml
what is SENSE EXTENSION taking a pre-existing word and extending meaning to include additional & distinct (but related) meanings like POLYSEMY mouse / mouse
what is STRESS CHANGE? Bisyllabic English words i) Nouns --> 1st syll stress ii) Verbs --> 2nd syll stress eg: contést vs. cóntest recórd vs. récord
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