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This material provides a summary and study aid for a course on phonetics at the University of Curaçao.
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phonetics the study and systematic classification of the sounds made in spoken utterance (= uiting)
phonemics 1. a branch of linguistic analysis that consists of the study of phonemes 2.the structure of a language in terms of phonemes
phonemes smallest unit of sound that makes a difference in meaning
phones units of sound
phonology the study of the way sounds of human speech carry meaning
phoneme categories - dichotomous linguistic classification Give 5 examples for each category. 1.vowels (e.g. a, e, i, o, u ext.) 2.consonants (e.g. b, c, d, f, g ext.)
phoneme categories - phonemic classification Mention the 9 phoneme categories that can be distinguished in phonetics.
subjects dealt with during this course
phonemic transcription write a given sentence in phonemes
3 - way description - the protocol 1.fricative or plosive 2. voiced or voiceless where the speech sound is produced 4.oral or nasal
The English Phonemes + Sounds
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