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Main vocalic features of Lorraine - backing of front /a/ - shortening vowel before a devoiced /R/ - diphthongisation of an é - weak/ partial nasalisation - shorten unstressed vowels - front mid-low /o/ before consonant - vowel lengthening penultimate syllable
Main consonantal features of Lorraine - devoicing of word-final /R/ - initial /h/ pronounced - devoicing of word-final voiced fricatives - aspiration of initial voiceless plosives - assimilation of voiced consonants /t+d = dd/ - word-final liquids deleted after plosive - semi-consonant avoidance
Main vocalic features of Nord-Picardie - tendency to confuse nasal vowels - closing of /e/ before word-final /R/ - closing of e + o in open syllables - opening of /i/ in closed syllables - raising of /a/ before a /R/ - back /a/ - centralisation of mid-vowel /o/ - /j,h,w/ - /i, y, u/ + vowel
Main consonantal features of Nord-Picardie - plosive + yod = palatalisation - reduction of consonant groups - absence of yod results in /l/ pronounced - /R/ often devoiced - final consonants devoiced
Main vocalic features of Provençal - no back /a/ - no opposition of mid-vowels - front mid-high /e/ - back mid-low /o/ - more frequent use of schwa - nasalised vowels raised and partially nasalised + nasal consonant
Main consonantal features of Provençal - simplification of consonant groups - dorsal /R/ realised as a devoiced consonant in word final position -
Loi de position - OPEN syllables have CLOSE vowels - CLOSED syllables have OPEN vowels
Close means HIGH
Open means LOW
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