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Disposable income the money a person has available to spend after paying taxes, pension contributions etc
Ecotourism tourism that focuses on protecting the environment and the interrelationships that exist between them.
Holiday providers a company organising trips, holidays etc
tourist destinations places or countries people choose to go on holiday to
Infrastructure the basic structure of a place or organisation
Butler's model resort life cycle model. Model says that any tourist resort starts on a small scale, develops into something more significant , then either goes into decline or make changes to maintain its attractions. 6 stages
Landmarks an object or feature of a landscape or town
mass-tourism Tourism on a large scale to one country or region. This equates to the development and consolidation of the Butler model of development
National park An area usually designed by law where development is limited and planning controlled. The landscape is regarded as unusual and valuable and therefore worth preserving
Honeypot site A location attracting a large number of tourists who, due to their numbers, place pressure on the environment and people.
Exploration Small numbers of visitors are attracted to the area
Development More and more visitors come to the area as more facilities are built
Involvement Local people start providing facilities for the tourists
Consolidation Tourism is a big part of the economy but tourist numbers begining to level off
Rejuvenation The area invests into new facilities to attract tourists
Decline Fewer visitors come to the area as it is less attractive
"Big Five" Rhino, lion, elephant, buffalo and leopard
Stagnation Visitor numbers have peaked, facilities as no longer good, there has been negative impact on the environment.
Ecosystem The living and non-living components of the environment and the relationships that exists between them.
Sustainable Development Allows economic growth to occur, which can continue over a long period of time and will not harm the environment. It benefits people of today and will not compromise future generations.
Fossil Fuels Non-renewable energy sources; coal, oil and natural gas
Indigenous Tribe People originating from a particular region or place
Extreme Environment Locations with particularly difficult environments eg. desert, rainforest etc
Stewardship The personal responsibility for looking after things eg. the environment
Conservation The careful and planned use of resources in order to manage and maintain the natural environment for future generations
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