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Homophone A word that sounds like another word, but has a different spelling and meaning. Example: Bear/Bare
Hyberbole Exaggeration, overstatement. Example: I've been waiting for hours!
Idiom Phrases used in a particular culture so that the 'locals' understand what is meant, but a dictionary might not help a 'foreigner' because the literal meaning of the word are not used. Example: 'It's your shout'
Image A picture - created visually, in words, in sounds - we talk about the imagery in a film/novel/poem etc.
Indirect Speech When what is said is reported rather than quoted. Example: 'He told us that the thief had been caught', rather than 'He said: "The thief has been caught"
Innuendo The way meaning is implied rather than stated, usually in a derogatory way.
Intertextuality Relationships between texts that affects the meaning of the texts. Example: - The film version of a novel affecting the way you respond to the novel and vice versa. - A novel/fim being a reinterpretation of an older text where the creator assumes his/her audience knows the older text (Clueless or Ten Things I Hate About You) - Allusions to other (usually well known) texts to enrich the meaning of the current text.
Irony Generally a statement by which the reader/viewer understands something different from what is stated - may be the opposite, or may be just slightly off centre.
Jargon The language used by a particular group of people (usually some sort of organisation or profession) and little understood outside that group.
Juxtaposition The close positioning of words, phrases or images to create an effect.
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