6) The Treaty of Versailles


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What did Wilson want the most? Self Determination and a League of Nations.
What did Clemenceau want the most? Revenge for the suffering and destruction caused by Germany.
How much land did Germany lose? 10% of its land and all of its overseas colonies.
What was returned back to France? Alsace-Lorraine.
Who was Germany forbidden to reunite with? Austria (Anschluss).
Who controlled the Saar? How long was this for? The League of Nations. For 15 years.
Germany lost all of its colonies, who gained them? The League of Nations gave Britain and France them.
How many soldiers were Germany limited to? 100,000 and conscription was banned.
Was Germany allowed tanks? No they weren't.
What was Germany allowed to have in there navy? 6 battleships but no submarines.
Was the German air force still allowed to run? No, it was said to be scrapped.
Was Germany allowed to put troops on Rhineland? Why? No, because it was now a demilitarised zone.
What was the allies meant to do for 15 and for how long? They was meant to keep an army of occupation on the west bank of Rhine for 15 years.
What was the war guilt clause? It is where they had to accept blame for the war.
What is meant by the term reparations? It is where a country had to pay for the cost of war.
Who had to pay for the reparations of the war? Germany.
How much was this amount? £6,600 million.
Why was the League of Nations set up? It was to maintain international peace for the future.
What was the main role in this? To ensure that the terms of the Treaty of Versailles were carried out.
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