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What subatomic particles are found in the nucleus? Protons and Neutrons
What charge is the nucleus? Positive
Where are electrons found? The outer electron shells
What's the relative mass and charge of a proton? Relative mass - 1 Charge - +1
What's the relative mass and charge of a neutron? Relative mass -1 Charge - 0
What's the relative mass and charge of an electron? Relative mass - so small it's essentially 0 Charge = -1
Why are atoms neutral? They have the same number of protons and electrons so the opposite charges cancel out.
Why are ions charged? The number of protons doesn't equal the number of electrons
What does the atomic number tell you? How many protons there are
What does the mass number tell you? Total number of protons and neurons in an atom
How do you calculate the number of neutrons in an atom? Mass number - atomic number
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