Flyers vocabulary (Butterfly - chopsticks) and verbs (Be- catch)


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Sit sat - sat
Chinese and Japanese people use them to eat. chopsticks
It´s a flat sweet cookie. biscuits
Swim swam - swam
Begin began - begun
It´s an animal similar to a duck, but it has got a longer neck. It lives in lakes and it´s black or white. swan
It´s an animal that lived many years ago and it´s now extinct . dinosaur
It´s a colourful insect that has got wings to fly. butterfly
Have had - had
it´s a soft yellow cream that you use to make cakes or to spread on a toast. butter
Bring brought - brought
It´s an animal that lives in the desert and has got humps to keep the water. camel
Sing sang - sung
It´s the part of the body that birds and insects use to fly. wing
Be was/were - been
It´s an animal that lives in the sea and has got tentacles. octopus
Drink drank - drunk
It´s the hair of an animal. fur
Buy bought - bought
Catch caught - caught
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