Spanish Subjunctive


Steps on forming the subjunctive in Spanish.
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Spanish Subjunctive
  1. Regular conjugation chart
    1. Remember that AR → e and ER/IR →a
    2. Steps on how to form the subjunctive
      1. 1. Start in the 'yo' form
        1. 2. Drop the final 'o'
          1. No final 'o' means its irregular
            1. Note that these forms do not end in a final 'o' in the present tense.
            2. 3. Fix sounds
              1. 4. Check position in the boot
                1. AR/ER Stem-changing
                  1. Change stem in subjunctive too!
                  2. IR stem changing verbs
                    1. Drop the 'e' of the change when out of the boot
                    2. 5. Add appropriate ending
                    3. car, gar, zar verbs are irregular: car → que gar → gue zar → ce
                  3. Keep any irregular yo form
                2. Basics for Subjunctive to occur
                  1. 2 clauses
                    1. Needs to have different subjects
                      1. 'Que' joins the clauses
                      2. W E I R D O
                        1. W Wishes
                          1. Yo espero que digan la verdad. Deseo que estudien en otro lado.
                          2. E Emotion
                            1. Me alegro que hayas venido. Me pongo triste que Juan fume tanto.
                            2. I Impersonal
                              1. Es bueno que Marcos vaya a Argentina. Es triste que María salga con ese chico.
                              2. R Request
                                1. Exijo que hablen con sinceridad. Lan manda que pagues tus impuestos
                                2. D Doubt
                                  1. Dudo que ganes dinero así. No creo que nieva hoy
                                  2. O Ojalá
                                    1. Ojalá que llueva café en el campo. Ojalá que Marcos saque el trabajo.
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