101 most frequently used Spanish Words


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a to, at
ahora now
alguno some, someone
año year
así like that
bien well
cada each, every
como like, as
con with
cosa thing
creer to believe
cuando when
dar to give
de of, from
deber should, ought to, to owe
decir to tell, say
dejar to let, leave
desde from, since
después after
día day
donde where
dos two
el the (masculine)
él he
ella she
ellas them
en in, on
encontrar to find
entonces so, then
entre between
esa that
ese that
eso that
esta this (feminine)
estar to be (temporary conditions)
este this (masculine)
grande large, great, big
haber to have (ex: ha bailado, han comido)
hablar to speak, talk
hacer to do, make
hasta until, up to
hombre man
ir to go
la the (feminine)
llegar to arrive
llevar to take, carry
lo the, it
más more
me me, myself
menos less, fewer
mi my
mismo same
mucho much, many, a lot
muy very, really
nada nothing
ni not even, neither, nor
no no
nos us
nuestro our
nuevo new
o or
otro other, another
para for, to, in order to
parecer to seem, look like
parte part, portion
pasar to pass, spend time
pero but, yet, except
poco little, few, a little bit
poder to be able to, can
poner to put
por by, for, through
porque because
primero first
que that, which
qué what?, which?
querer to want, love
saber to know
se self, oneself
seguir to follow
ser to be (permanent conditions)
si if, whether
siempre always
sin without
sobre on top of, over, about
su his, her, their, your
también also, too
tan such, a, too, so
tanto much
tener to have
tiempo time, weather
todo all, every
un a, an
uno one
ver to see
vez time, occurrence
vida life
y and
ya already, still
yo I
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