Goal Setting: Going right and wrong


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    Reward a job well done
    It's really important to stand back and acknowledge when we achieve our goals.Often this is a step that is missed in the goal setting process. Our focus is typically on what lies ahead, but it is valuable to reflect on what we have achieved individually and as a team as this enhances a sense of purpose in our work.Always remember to thank team members for their support in helping you achieve your goals.Rewards can be a simply acknowledgement of a job well done, or could be something like a team night out. Whatever you choose, allow yourself the enjoyment of the win.

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    And what if it goes wrong?
    Despite your best efforts, it's important to realise that things don't always go to plan. The key to this is learning from mistakes. Ask yourself for the elements that were within your control:Was my goal genuinely SMART?Was is too much of a stretch for my current skill set? What can I do to close the gap?What would I do differently next time?What can I do now, to meet this goal within a revised timeframe?
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