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    Goal Setting
    Goal Setting is key for businesses to get to where they want to be but often work is so busy, we allow ourselves to be caught up in meetings and paperwork without standing back and questioning where we are trying to get to. This course will provide you with an overview of how to set goals, and gives you some suggestions for some additional elements that will help you achieve your goals by splitting activities into Before, During and After phases.

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    Anyone interested in goal settingIndividuals who want to proactively manage their career developmentNewly formed teams who want to set a clear agendaExisting teams who are focused on improving their performanceManagers who want to motivate and inspire their teams by agreeing a clear direction
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    Proactively participate – your opinion is needed and valued Listen to your colleagues Allow yourself to learn from others and change your mind Allow every group member space to talk and share their view Document your findings within GoConqr so you can keep clear records of your work Create a group within GoConqr so that you can collaborate and update each other after the session
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    The course is designed to increase your knowledge of Goal Setting. Throughout the course you will have the opportunity to take quizes and review flash cards to test and check your understanding. You can view and use these resources as often as you like until you feel comfortable with the material.Upon completion of the course, why not go one step further by using the GoConqr platform to set your own goals for yourself or your team. And remember GoConqr is all about collaborative learning so you can create groups to share your goals, ask for help and celebrate the wins!
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