mind map on the characters in 'Of Mice and Men'
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    1. small and quick witted
      1. looks after Lennie
        1. work card
          1. in Weed
          2. shares 'the dream' with Lennie
            1. prepared to work hard for it
              1. needs Lennie as a friend so he isn't alone
                1. proud of Lennie
                  1. Lennie is also strong which helps them get work
                2. he's honest with people he trusts
                  1. tells Slim about when he used to make fun of Lennie
                    1. tells Slim and Candy about 'the dream'
                  2. LENNIE SMALL
                    1. he is a big man which contrasts with his name
                      1. limited intelligence
                        1. trusts George completley
                          1. shares 'the dream' with him and believes he will have rabbits
                        2. likes to pet small/soft things for example "puppies" or "mice"
                          1. doesn't know his own strength
                            1. KILLS:
                              1. A Mouse
                                1. A Puppy
                                  1. Curly's Wife
                                    1. INCREASE IN SIZE
                                2. breaks Curley's hand
                                3. why he got into trouble in Weed
                                4. can be forgetful
                                  1. needs George
                                5. CURLEY
                                  1. boss's son so doesn't have to work
                                    1. he is newly married and possessive of his new wife
                                      1. still visits brothels
                                        1. rumour that she keeps his glove filled with vasiline to keep his hand sof for her
                                        2. he is a prized fighter and looks for any opertunity to fight
                                          1. "his glance was calculating and pugnatois"
                                            1. hates big guys (Lennie)
                                        3. SLIM
                                          1. jerkline skinner
                                            1. natural leader of the ranch as everyone respects him and he is excellent at his job
                                            2. understands George and Lennie's relationship
                                              1. helps George at the end and said he did the right thing
                                              2. quite dignity so doesn't need to assert himself
                                                1. unlike Curley who wears "healed boots"
                                              3. CURLEY'S WIFE
                                                1. we never know her name she is 'property'
                                                  1. no identity
                                                  2. young pretty and wears attractive clothes
                                                    1. nieve
                                                      1. lonley and always hanging around the bunch house
                                                      2. she doesn't like Curley and is only with him because she didn't recive the letter from Hollywood
                                                      3. CROOKS
                                                        1. black stable hand or 'buck'
                                                          1. only permant employee
                                                          2. he is cynical as he has seen so many workers come and go with the same dream
                                                            1. he is isoloted by the colour of his skin so doesn't socialise with the other workers
                                                              1. often called a "nigger" by the other men showing that in 1930's america racism was taken for granted
                                                            2. CANDY
                                                              1. he has a very old dog who is his only companion
                                                                1. Carlson insists on shooting the dog as it is old and smelly
                                                                2. when he finds Curley's dead he knows 'the dream' can't come true
                                                                  1. angry
                                                                  2. the oldest ranch hand. he lost his right hand in an accident at work
                                                                    1. he knows that he will be thrown out when he gets to old
                                                                    2. he is lonley and isolated but makes friends with George and Lennie
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