23. Memory takes a lot of mental resources


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    23. Memory takes a lot of mental resources

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    people get 40 billion sensory inputs every second, and are consciously aware of 40 of them at any one time. These sensory inputs can be as small as the feeling of your tongue on your teeth. 

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    recency effect
    The tendency to remember the last bit of information, such as the last bit of a presentation. 

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    suffix effect
    The tendency to forget information that was close to a distraction. For example if your phone went off during a presentation, you would likely forget the information before the phone call, but remember the beginning of the presentation. 

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     concrete words are easier to store in long-term memory than abstract words, because you have more visual links to those words. Having visuals helps you remember things, such as icons. 

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    -Info in the middle of a presentation is least likely to be remembered.-Rhyming helps the brain remember. -The brain processes the days memories while you sleep, deciding what to remember and what to forget. -When your sad, you remember sad things. 
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