42. Well-Practiced Skills Don't Require Conscious Attention


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    Honed Skills Needn't Conscious Attention
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    If a skill is practiced so much to the point of becoming automatic, then it can be performed without much conscious attention It almost allows for multitasking (as multitasking doesn't really exist) Too many automatic steps, however, can lead to errors!

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    To Sum This Up...
    Automatic actions are a series of tasks or steps that are performed over and over and over... If needed, make a repetitive sequence easy to do for people, but over time they won't pay attention and this leaves huge room for error!
    Make it easy for people to redo/undo their last action in the sequence, if not the entire sequence Rather than a repetitive sequence/task, consider giving people a design where they can choose all the items they want to take action on and all options are available to be chosen, edited, manipulated, changed, etc. at the same time
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