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Question 1

Who is Crooks?
  • Crooks is the Ranch 'Stable buck', he cares for all of the horses and mules on the ranch.
  • Crooks has a missing right hand, he is old and is incapable of doing most jobs on the ranch, reducing him to the most menial jobs like 'Swamping'.
  • He is the bosses son, an aggressive young man with a know reputation as a fighter.
  • He is a Migrant worker, regularly on the move, he rarely stays at one ranch for a long period of time.

Question 2

How did Crooks get his name?
  • He held up a shop once and stole $300 of goods
  • His full name is in fact Steve Crooks
  • He got kicked in the back by a horse once giving him a Crooked back

Question 3

Why is Crooks Subject to Discrimination?
  • He is old and is made to do some of the most menial jobs on the ranch
  • He is black and subject to some racial discrimination
  • He has a disability of having a crooked spine and unable to perform some simple tasks

Question 4

How does Crooks Frighten Lennie?
  • Crooks tells Lennie that George will desert him.
  • Crooks tells Lennie a scary horror story.
  • Crooks threatens to shoot Lennie if he tells anyone that he has had second helpings to the food

Question 5

Which Description best describes Crooks?
  • '.Crooks was a proud, aloof man... his eyes... seemed to glitter with intensity... he had thin, pain tightened lips'.
  • Crooks is a 'Tall, stoop shouldered old man'
  • Crooks is a 'small and quick, dark of face, with restless eyes and sharp, strong features'.

Question 6

Why isnt Crooks allowed in the Bunkhouse?
  • Because he is black
  • Because he has is own living area in the barn
  • He got kicked out after he got drunk and violent one night.
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