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The Cardinal knows already that he is in Hell Muriel Bradbrook
The radiant spirit of the Duchess cannot be killed CRITIC
…as a woman, she combines virtue with powerful sexual desire. -Dympna Callaghan
[Bosola] is the most unifying element in 'The Duchess of Malfi' - Irving Ribner
It is clear that the Cardinal's description of the affair [with Julia] expresses only satisfaction of his sexual prowess. -Kathleen McLuskie
Webster's characters die superbly, asserting their selfhood to the last breath. -Kenneth Tyan
Webster was much possessed by death, and saw the skull beneath the skin. -T. S. Eliot
It is... in or near the moment of death that Webster is most triumphant. He adopts the romantic convention that men are, in the second of death, most essentially and significantly themselves. -Rupert Brooke
The final act is designed to show that the way Aragonian brothers is that of madness and damnation… -Irving Ribner
[Webster's villains] meet their deaths in ways which satisfy poetic justice. -R.S White 
Webster envisages evil in its most extreme form: and he presents it... as far more powerful than good. - David Cecil
Bosola, the chief instrument in the Duchess' betrayal and subjection, also bears the strongest witness to her virtues. -Muriel Bradbrook
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