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Question 1

Who Is Curley?
  • A 'Jerkline Skinner', handling a team of 4 or 5 horses. He is quoted as being the prince of the ranch for he is like a role model figure to the rest of the ranch workers
  • Georges friend and Companion, he has a mind of a child and is incapable of thinking for himself, thus relying on depending on George on most things he does
  • The bosses son, a small aggressive man with a reputation as a fighter.
  • The Ranch 'Stable buck' caring for all the mules and horses on the ranch. He has a bent back from where a horse once Kicked him

Question 2

Who does Curley Pick a fight with in the bunkhouse
  • Slim
  • Lennie
  • Candy
  • George

Question 3

Who does Curley think his wife is cheating on him with?
  • Candy
  • George
  • Slim
  • Carlson

Question 4

Why does Curley keep a glove over his hand?
  • He thinks it is a nice glove and he lost the other one a while ago so he just wears the one that he still has.
  • He does not have a hand but instead the glove is part of a prosthetic hand
  • He has a hideous grotesque hand from where it was once burned in a fire but he doesnt like people knowing about it so he keeps a glove over it.
  • The glove is filled with vasiline, it keeps his hand soft for his wife

Question 5

How long has Curley been Married to his wife?
  • A few Weeks
  • A few Months
  • A few Years

Question 6

Why does Curley hate big guys?
  • He once had a bad experience where he was nearly killed by a big guy
  • He feels intimidated whenever he is near big guys
  • They Lack common sense.
  • he is jealous because 'He aint a big guy'
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