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Question 1

Who is Slim?
  • Slim is a 'Jerkline Skinner', in control of a team of horses, and is seen as the leading worker in the bunk house
  • Slim is an ambitious worker on the ranch, he has a problem with gambling but makes up for it with the effort he puts into his work on the ranch
  • Slim is the bosses right hand man, capable of making descisions for the boss, telling him what to do and what not to do.

Question 2

What is Slim Quoted as being?
  • 'A Proud, Aloof man... His eyes... Seemed to glitter with intensity... He had thin, pain tightened lips.'
  • A 'Tall, Stoop shouldered old man'
  • He 'Aint a nice fella'
  • He is 'Godlike' and 'moved with majesty'

Question 3

Where did Slim first meet George and Lennie
  • In the Bunkhouse
  • Out in the field
  • At old susy's
  • In the Bosses Office

Question 4

Slims Hands were described as being,
  • 'His bear like hands were capable of crushing a human skull, yet were precise and delecate'
  • 'Small, Crippled hands, incapable of performing simple tasks like holding a broom'
  • There was nothing Significant at all about his hands
  • 'Large and lean, were delecate in their action as thoes of a temple dancer'

Question 5

which of the following is true?
  • He orders Lennie to fight back against Curley
  • Slim gave a Puppy to Lennie
  • He creates tension in the bunkhouse

Question 6

Which of the following is true?
  • He is picked on by Curley, the bosses son
  • He had a lifetime abition to be a movie star
  • Slim agrees that Candys dog must be killed

Question 7

Which of the following is not true?
  • Slim makes Curley promise not to blame Lennie for hurting his hand
  • He discovers the dead body of Curleys wife in the barn
  • Slim is the one that checks to see if Curley's wife is dead
  • Slim comforts George for having killed Lennie
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