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How closely did you follow the past week in local news?
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Question 1

Architects Renée Daoust and Luca Fortin say their team is considering legal action to get what they consider to be rightfully theirs: a multi-million-dollar contract to design and build WHAT structure in the nation's capital?
  • A monument to commemorate Canada's mission in Afghanistan.
  • A pedestrian bridge to Kìwekì (formerly Nepean) Point.
  • An art deco-inspired tower at Lebreton Flats.
  • A new Barrhaven roundabout.

Question 2

Which eastern Ontario mayor, seen here, announced his resignation this week, noting that online vitriol was a big part of his decision?
  • Pierre Leroux, mayor of Russell, Ont.
  • Tom Sidney, mayor of Renfrew, Ont.
  • Ron Gervais, mayor of Pembroke, Ont.
  • Tony Fraser, mayor of North Dundas, Ont.

Question 3

Mayor Mark Sutcliffe was defending himself this week, saying he sees no conflict of interest in doing WHAT while he goes abroad on a trip paid for by Ottawa Tourism to promote the city?
  • Running in the London Marathon.
  • Playing saxophone at the Melbourne International Jazz Festival.
  • Climbing Machu Picchu.
  • Volunteering at a kibbutz near Tel Aviv.

Question 4

Sugar bush owner Jamie Fortune is one of several people living in the Clayton, Ont., area who've told CBC they're eagerly awaiting the benefits that will come with WHAT recent development?
  • A new cellular communications tower.
  • A 250-room hotel and spa complex.
  • A privately operated ferry on Clayton Lake.
  • A community-run wind power farm.

Question 5

What is the name of this office tower, which could be converted to residential use and thus add another 170 units to Ottawa's downtown? As a hint, its name is a nod to the intersection it's located at.
  • The Elgar Building.
  • The Metlaren Building.
  • The Gladbank Building.
  • The Broncester Building.

Question 6

An Ontario judge struck down sections of a law concerning WHICH activity this week, concluding that some parts of the law — which has been in force since 2000 — were unconstitutional?
  • Panhandling.
  • Street racing.
  • Producing and selling raw milk.
  • Evicting tenants.

Question 7

Lawyer Kirsten Mercer told CBC on Tuesday it would be a mistake to consider that an event last week near Kingston, Ont., was a sign that justice had been served. What happened?
  • A man who murdered three women died in prison.
  • An asylum seeker who'd been held in custody for three years was released.
  • A judge ruled long-term care homes were negligent during COVID-19 lockdowns.
  • The province issued an apology to Sixties Scoop victims.

Question 8

One of the charges that Eastway Tank, Pump and Meter Ltd. and owner Neil Greene pleaded guilty to on Friday, in connection with the deaths of six workers in a January 2022 explosion, concerned improper procedures around "wet testing." What is wet testing used for?
  • Calibrating equipment inside tanker trucks.
  • Measuring the viscosity of gasoline blends.
  • Identifying any corrosion on tanks, valves and hoses.
  • Determining the flammability of certain liquids.

Question 9

The owners of Cedarhill Golf and Country Club in Barrhaven have been fighting a legal battle over a contractual obligation that's forcing them to do what?
  • Permit a four-lane road to bisect their golf course.
  • Use only organic methods to maintain the greens and fairways.
  • Relocate two holes after an endangered species was found in a water hazard.
  • Operate the unprofitable course forever.

Question 10

Kingston is preparing for up to 500,000 visitors to arrive Monday to view the total solar eclipse, but what incident last weekend has thrown a wrench into the city's careful preparations?
  • A bridge had to be closed after it was damaged during construction.
  • A watermain burst and flooded several downtown streets.
  • The city's waste disposal workers went on strike.
  • The local health unit recalled thousands of defective eclipse glasses.
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