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Heart rate (HR) Adult 60-100 BPM
Respiratory Rate (RR) Adult 12-20 RPM
Blood pressure (BP) Adult Systolic blood pressure 100-140 mmHg Diastolic blood pressure 60-90 mmHg
Temperature (○C) Adult 36.1 - 37.5 degrees Celsius
Oxygen saturations (SpO2) = or > 95%
Systolic Top number of Blood Pressure
Diastolic Bottom number of Blood Pressure
120/80 mm/hg Ideal blood pressure
Febrile High Temperature > 38
Afebrile Normal Temperature
O2 Saturation Level of Oxygen in the blood
Sp/O2 Blood oxygen saturation level
BGL blood glucose level 4-8 mmol/I
Hypoglycaemic Below 4 mmol/l
Tachypnoea Respiratory rate greater than 20
Bradypnea RR below 12 Respiratory rate
Apnoea Stops Breathing
Asymptomatic No symptoms
Hyperglyceamic Over 12 mmol/l
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