CBC Ottawa news quiz for the week of March 26


How closely did you follow the last week in local news?
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Question 1

Jacob Murray was shocked when he turned on WHAT hit television show recently, only to see a character wrapped in one of the wool blankets he designs at his Kingston-area farm?
  • The Last of Us.
  • The White Lotus.
  • Yellowstone.
  • Ted Lasso.

Question 2

After Elyse Banham received a letter from a member of the public suggesting she shouldn't sit on Ottawa's public health board, she felt compelled to speak out. What did the letter writer cite as the reason Banham was allegedly unfit to be on the board?
  • She was overweight.
  • She didn't have children.
  • A medical condition prevented her from being vaccinated.
  • She was HIV positive.

Question 3

Pembroke, Ont., homeowner Arianna Nolet recently told CBC about a "threatening" letter she received from the law firm where both the mayor and city solicitor work — a situation she believes is a conflict of interest. What had Nolet complained about prior to receiving the letter?
  • The amount of snow city plows were dumping on her property.
  • Verbal abuse her son was experiencing at junior hockey games.
  • Noise levels from construction on a new long-term care home.
  • A city councillor's dog repeatedly urinating on her flower garden.

Question 4

Via Rail said this week it was apologizing "unreservedly" after video circulated of a security guard telling someone to leave the Ottawa train station, saying their behaviour was bothering customers. What were they doing?
  • Eating very aromatic food.
  • Praying.
  • Breastfeeding their baby.
  • Using sign language.

Question 5

Kevin Frost was once a three-time world champion in blind speed skating. He's now set to compete for Canada at the world championships for blind competitors in what summery sport?
  • Golf.
  • Tennis.
  • Surfing.
  • Rowing.

Question 6

Which Ottawa bakery sold these shortbread cookies to mark the arrival of U.S. President Joe Biden in the city on Friday? They also famously sold a cookie to Barack Obama in 2010.
  • Le Moulin de Provence.
  • Art-Is-In Bakery.
  • Quelque Chose Patisserie.
  • Bread and Sons.

Question 7

What does the Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est, a French Catholic school board in and around Ottawa, want to roll out at two of its schools next year?
  • A four-day school week.
  • All-vegan cafeteria menus.
  • Learning with VR headsets.
  • Anishinaabe language courses.

Question 8

Which eastern Ontario MPP, who also serves as the province's minister of children, community and social services, abruptly announced on Friday that they were resigning?
  • Merrilee Fullerton.
  • LIsa MacLeod.
  • Steve Clark.
  • John Yakabuski.

Question 9

A new report from Health Canada shows that illicit use of the drug xylazine has rapidly spread across Canada over the past few years, particularly on the streets of communities in Ontario. What is xylazine's intended use?
  • It's an ingredient in cough medication.
  • It's an animal tranquillizer.
  • It's a common anesthetic for dental procedures.
  • It's used to manage hallucinations and other psychiatric symptoms.

Question 10

Lynn Kennedy, the owner of an eastern Ontario farm sanctuary called Contented Clucks, launched a fundraiser for Roy, a young male Faverolle chicken that came into her care last winter. What was the fundraiser for?
  • Prosthetic limbs after Roy's feet were severely damaged by frostbite.
  • Voice lessons so that a traumatized Roy could learn to cluck again.
  • A "dye job" after Roy's luxurious feathers were singed in a fire.
  • A seeing-eye dog to help Roy after he was blinded in a fight with another bird.
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