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First Quiz about Educational Technology
Mirna Uribe
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Question 1

This generation prefers learning opportunities that: (Select all answers that apply)
  • Provide regular and timely feedback.
  • Isolate them from others and have them interact passively with learning opportunities.
  • Give them opportunity to be community-minded or contribute to society.
  • Personalize the learning experience to the world around them.
  • Allow for them to be social.

Question 2

I am a new English teacher and am looking for a simple approach to encourage my students to collaborate more with another. They seem to want to work independently but not with each other in the way my course is currently structured. Of those listed below, what would be the best change I could make to my course? (Select the single BEST answer)
  • Include activities where students blog about their daily observations of the world around them.
  • Introduce a project where students create a group report utilizing Google Docs and post it to a Google Community specific to my class where students can comment on one another's posts.
  • Survey my students at the beginning and the end of the course about what they like and don't like about my course.
  • Redesign the course content resources so they include more engaging resources like video and interactive quizzes.

Question 3

My school has a limited budget for online textbooks and does not want our students to pay for content resources themselves. Which of the following are good sources for finding free content to use in our classes? (Select all answers that apply)
  • Open education resource libraries where instructors share freely a variety of learning activities
  • Social technologies like Facebook or Twitter.
  • YouTube and other free video exchange sites.
  • Third party assessment tools.
  • MOOCs and other open courses

Question 4

Since the majority of my course is taught online, I am looking for ways to assess my students virtually both quantitatively and qualitatively. Which of the following are capabilities of assessment tools that I might want to utilize? (Select all answers that apply)
  • Conducting just-in-time quizzing to monitor student progress
  • The facilitation of peer feedback and review
  • The alignment of student performance to set standards or outcomes
  • The grading of course projects

Question 5

In evaluating new technologies for use in my virtual class, I should avoid: (Select the single BEST answer)
  • Investigating how the technology will be supported and updated.
  • Selecting a technology just because all of my students seem to use it (and for no other reason).
  • Researching whether or not the technology has ample options for students with disabilities to utilize it in a similar manner as other students.
  • Identifying technologies that map to my learning goals and are appropriate to my subject area
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