CBC Ottawa news quiz for the week of Nov. 20


How closely did you follow the past week in local news?
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Question 1

According to documents obtained by CBC, health-care professionals at the Queensway Carleton Hospital felt they were working in an "exceptionally unsafe" environment during a nearly 20-hour stretch in early September. What had happened?
  • There was a hospital-wide phone and computer outage.
  • Dozens of custodians and other workers walked off the job.
  • A surge of patients with respiratory viruses overwhelmed staff.
  • Critical software was locked out by a ransomware attack.

Question 2

Greg A. Hill told CBC his recent layoff was partly due to the fact he was "asking questions" and was "wanting there to be some accountability" at his institution. What position did he hold?
  • Indigenous art curator at the National Gallery of Canada.
  • Cultural diversity director with the Ontario Hockey League.
  • Deputy chief with Kingston Police.
  • Mental health co-ordinator with Gymnastics Canada.

Question 3

This panel, drawn by Ottawa illustrator Ivanka Galadza, describes the realities of a famine her grandmothers lived through 90 years ago in which country?
  • Ukraine.
  • Armenia.
  • Poland.
  • Georgia.

Question 4

The federal and provincial housing ministers announced Tuesday they would provide tens of millions of dollars to the City of Ottawa to do what? It was appropriate timing, given that Nov. 22 is a day dedicated to this topic.
  • Build 272 affordable housing units.
  • Retrofit and upgrade 16 city sports facilities.
  • Expand the network of bike lanes and multi-use pathways.
  • Train first responders on handling mental health crises.

Question 5

Lawyers for communications firm Enterprise Canada plan to pursue a libel suit against Brendan Miller — who represents convoy protest organizers at the Emergencies Act inquiry — after Miller alleged one of the firm's employees did WHAT in an attempt to discredit the demonstrators?
  • Carried a Nazi flag through the downtown.
  • Set a fire outside an O'Connor Street apartment.
  • Authored racist, typo-laden posts left on convoy social media pages.
  • Urinated on the National War Memorial.

Question 6

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also testified at the inquiry this week. How did he describe his mindset when it came to invoking the Emergencies Act?
  • He was "nervous but hopeful."
  • He was "serene and confident."
  • He was "livid and exasperated."
  • He was "cautious and sober."

Question 7

The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board held two trustee meetings this week to determine whether they should implement a mask mandate in their schools. What was the final decision?
  • They voted to make masks mandatory for in-person learning.
  • They voted to leave the decision up to individual schools.
  • The final vote was a tie, meaning there would be no mandate.
  • They didn't get to make a decision as heckling and threats disrupted the meetings.

Question 8

Where did this large fire break out early Thursday morning?
  • Stittsville.
  • Navan.
  • Greely.
  • Metcalfe.

Question 9

Based on data crunched by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Ottawa lags far behind the rest of the country when it comes to what?
  • The number of workers who've returned downtown over the past two-plus years.
  • The number of businesses that said they'd been "significantly" hurt by supply chain problems.
  • The affordability of rent for retail or office space.
  • The dollar value of business transactions conducted using cryptocurrency.

Question 10

Which of the following changes to OC Transpo will come into effect this winter when the city is slated to get more than 30 centimetres of snow?
  • Cyclists will not be allowed to store their bikes on public transit.
  • Most articulated buses will be pulled from service.
  • Trains on the Confederation Line will run half as frequently.
  • Bus riders will, if needed, be required to get out and push.
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