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7th grade 7th grade (7th grade. Unit 2. Personality) Quiz on 7th grade. Unit 2. Final test, created by Veronika Bebekh on 15/11/2022.
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Question 1

Match the opposites sociable - [blank_start]reserved[blank_end] [blank_start]intelligent[blank_end] - silly sensitive - [blank_start]thick-skinned[blank_end] [blank_start]confident[blank_end] - shy courageous - [blank_start]cowardly[blank_end] [blank_start]greedy[blank_end] - generous selfish - [blank_start]selfless[blank_end] [blank_start]reliable[blank_end] - irresponsible neat - [blank_start]disorganised[blank_end]
  • reserved
  • intelligent
  • thick-skinned
  • confident
  • cowardly
  • greedy
  • selfless
  • reliable
  • disorganised

Question 2

Complete the sentences. The first letter is given. Aries are born leaders and tend to be b[blank_start]ossy[blank_end]. They like to tell other people what to do. In addition, they are quite i[blank_start]mpatient[blank_end] as they don’t like waiting.
  • ossy
  • mpatient

Question 3

Complete the sentences. The first letter is given. Taurus people are practical and s[blank_start]ensible[blank_end]. They usually think carefully before doing something. They can be s[blank_start]tubborn[blank_end] at times. They will never change their opinion even if they are not right.
  • ensible
  • tubborn

Question 4

Complete the sentences. The first letter is given. Gemini are talkative, friendly and s[blank_start]ociable[blank_end], they enjoy being with other people. They are also i[blank_start]ntelligent[blank_end] and curious. They are good at understanding difficult ideas
  • ociable
  • ntelligent

Question 5

Complete the sentences. The first letter is given. Cancer people are i[blank_start]maginative[blank_end] and creative. They enjoy creating beautiful worlds from their imagination. They are often shy and r[blank_start]eserved[blank_end]. Cancerians prefer a good book or film to a company of others and hide their feelings under their protective shell. They are also quite s[blank_start]ensitive[blank_end] and can be easily hurt.
  • maginative
  • eserved
  • ensitive

Question 6

Complete the sentences. The first letter is given. Leos are c[blank_start]onfident[blank_end] as they always know what they are doing. These big cats are c[blank_start]ourageous[blank_end] – they are real brave-hearts. On the other hand, they are sometimes insensitive and a[blank_start]rrogant[blank_end]. They believe they are better and more important than others.
  • onfident
  • ourageous
  • rrogant

Question 7

Match the phrases with their meaning. 1. to be a very kind person - [blank_start]a heart of gold[blank_end] 2. a person with a secret - [blank_start]a dark horse[blank_end] 3. a person who likes to be or work alone - [blank_start]a lone wolf[blank_end] 4. to look or behave like an older relative - [blank_start]to take after[blank_end]
  • a heart of gold
  • a dark horse
  • a lone wolf
  • to take after

Question 8

How was life different 50 years ago? Express your opinion using intensifiers much / far / a lot and the comparative degree of adjectives in brackets. Was life [blank_start]better[blank_end] 50 years ago? Well, I was [blank_start]much younger[blank_end] and quite happy with my life. Of course, all these gadgets and the Internet have made our life [blank_start]a lot faster[blank_end] and easier. On the other hand, city streets [blank_start]used to be[blank_end] much quieter and safer! Now they are so busy! I think food used to be far cleaner and [blank_start]healthier[blank_end] than it is now. People, I can’t say people were different. Kind-hearted and mean, wise and silly, greedy and generous, caring and self-centred. Maybe they were [blank_start]a bit more polite[blank_end] in the past. Well, was life without the Internet [blank_start]a lot more boring[blank_end] 50 years ago? I don’t think so. Young people were more active and used to spend much more time outside. I think it’s [blank_start]much more exciting[blank_end] to hang out with friends than sitting in your room in front of a computer screen all day and night. I liked shopping with my best friend. By the way, shops were [blank_start]far cheaper[blank_end]. So, in my opinion life used to be better when I was young.
  • better
  • gooder
  • the best
  • the goodest
  • much younger
  • more younger
  • the youngest
  • a lot faster
  • a lot fast
  • more faster
  • used to be
  • did used to be
  • use to be
  • a bit more polite
  • a bit politest
  • the politer
  • healthier
  • healthy
  • the healthiest
  • a lot more boring
  • the most boring
  • a lot boringer
  • much more exciting
  • much most exciting
  • much excitinger
  • far cheaper
  • more cheaper
  • far cheapest
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