Continental Shelf/Deep Ocean Floor


Marine Biology Quiz on Continental Shelf/Deep Ocean Floor, created by Jasmine Allen on 28/09/2018.
Jasmine Allen
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Jasmine Allen
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Question 1

  • continental shelf
  • continental slope
  • submarine canyon
  • continental rise
  • mid-ocean ridge
  • abyssal plain
  • abyssal hill
  • guyot
  • continental margin
  • seamount
  • trench

Question 2

1.) continental shelf [blank_start]__________[blank_end] 2.) continental slope [blank_start]__________[blank_end] 3.) continental rise [blank_start]__________[blank_end] 4.) submarine canyons [blank_start]__________[blank_end] 5.) continental margin [blank_start]__________[blank_end] 6.) mid-ocean ridge [blank_start]__________[blank_end] 7.) abyssal plain [blank_start]__________[blank_end] 8.) island arc [blank_start]__________[blank_end] 9.) guyot [blank_start]__________[blank_end] 10.) seamount [blank_start]__________[blank_end] 11.) trench [blank_start]__________[blank_end] 12.) abyssal hills [blank_start]__________[blank_end]
  • shallow, gentle slope (edge cont. crust)
  • steep drop off
  • sediment collected at bottom of slope
  • eroded areas of shelf
  • includes all/divide ocean/cont crust
  • Divergent boundary in middle of ocean
  • Bottom plains of the ocean
  • made by conv. boundary. (hills on crust)
  • flat-topped ocean mound.
  • an underwater mountain
  • sea floor rift made by conv. boundary
  • hills on abyss.plains(made volcanically)
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