Globalization – global challenges


Globalization – global challenges. Stichpunkte und Definitionen für dein erfolgreiches Englisch-Abitur
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Globalization – global challengesEconomic, ecological and cultural issues and their political consequencesEine Notiz für Englisch-Leistungskurs - Abiturprüfung EnglischDefinition of Globalization:= worldwide exchange on an economic, technological und cultural level, the world is gradually becoming unified- regional economies, societies and cultures have become connected through a global network of political ideas, communication, transport and trade - often seen as an unstoppable process affecting people all around the globe (developed as well as developing countries)- includes:a) increasing mobility of peopleb) steady flow of money and goods between international markets and production sitesc) global spread and clash ideas and valuesd) rapid distribution of information through mediaEras of globalization:- Click on the MindMap below to expand this point.

Economy, Technology, Culture - Aspects and challenges of Globalization:- Click on the Karteikartenset below to expand this point.

Global challenges- international peacekeeping (terrorism, war)- environmental and ecological problems (global warming and its consequences (extreme weather conditions, rising sea level etc.); air, water and soil pollution)- economic challenges (poverty, education, work, health, support, hunger, diseases)- energy crisis (fuel prices, risks of nuclear of nuclear energy, deforestation, hope: renewable energy)

Hopes/Chances/Opportunities versus Dangers/Risks/Fears of Globalization- Click on the Mindmap below to expand this point.

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