American Dream


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American Dream
  1. Then
    1. beliefs and values
      1. freedom
        1. freest society, all people are equal
        2. individualism
          1. mobility, optimism, flexibility
            1. chance to succes
            2. progress
              1. ''Nation with a mission''
              2. hard work
                1. good self-discipline
                2. patriotism
                  1. proud to be an American
                3. historical events
                  1. Declaration of Independence (1776)
                    1. every citizen has a right to life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness
                    2. Revolutionary War (1776-1783)
                      1. Americans start to settle the North American continent (1776-1783)
                      2. women get the right to vote (1920)
                    3. Now
                      1. big gap between rich and poor
                        1. rich class
                          1. middle class
                            1. underclass
                            2. affirmative action
                              1. supporting blacks and single parents to get work and education
                              2. no classless society, succes-oriented
                                1. unfair chances to get succes
                                2. ambition to succeed
                                  1. African-American
                                    1. prosperous black middle class, impoverished underclass
                                    2. Mexican-American
                                      1. illegal, cheap workers
                                      2. Asian-American
                                        1. qualified professionals
                                      3. ''melting pot of nations''
                                        1. ''salad bowl''
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