GPS and Mobile Phones.


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GPS can be used as part of a fitness program in many ways.

For example, when on the move such as when cycling or running, a GPS can be used to: map routes navigate around check your heart rate check your speed calculate the miles you've travelled

Other than using than Bluetooth, there are various other wireless ways to transfer data. For example:USB is a way of transferring data by wireless communication3G

GPS stands for 'Global Positioning System'. The function of a GPS is to give you an accurate location of where you are by receiving signals from a network of satellites.


Mobile Phones.

Some of these health problems include: RSI (repetitive strain injury) Thought to give out radiation that could contribute to cancer Headaches Eye strain

Prolonged use of mobile phones can cause health problems.

Advantages for blind people having a hands-free attachment on their phones: They don't have to hold the phone and figure out which way it goes. It's easier for them to use.

The things that can be done to make a mobile phone more user friendly for people that are elderly or disabled are: Make the buttons/keys bigger so it's easier for them to use them Make the screen bigger so the people can see it better Voice recognition which would help the user interact with the phone and ask for help if they get stuck Higher resolution screen so the phone is clearer to the user.

A person can protect their mobile phone from being stolen by: Keeping it tightly secured in a bag or pocket Putting a password or pin lock on your phone so it's harder to access your details Registering your phone with a network operator so you can easily ring them up and get them to block your phone if it's stolen Install anti phone theft software that allows you to remain in control of your phone even if it's stolen. 

Limitations of Bluetooth: The signal can only reach over short distances The transfer rate is quite slow There will be a lot of interference's with the connection, such as walls in houses

When travelling to different countries, the user will need to consider their mobile broadband (roaming) costs when using different features on their phone as it may cost them to use certain things. They will also need to make sure that they are connected to WiFi if they want to use any features that need it otherwise they won't be available to the user.


Mobile Phones

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