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Question:     Tablet computer B has a sensor, which detects any movement of the device.The device uses data from the sensor to switch itself off if it is dropped.                    Give two other ways the device could use data from the sensor.  Answer;       1. controlling apps                    2. rotating screen  Question:    Give one advantages to Michael of using a wireless connections for the transfer.  Answer;      Does not have to waist time finding/connecting cables Question :   Michael's tablet computer uses a touch screen interface of a keyboard and mouse.                  State one risk to Michael's health from the extended use of a touch screen interface.  Answer;     eye strain  Question :  The tablet computer uses open source software/                   Give two advantages to Michael of using open source software rather than proprietary software.  Answer;    1 .it is free                 2. Users can access the source code/modify the source code Question:  Describe why viral videos are useful to companies.  Answers;   Promotes using social networking sites, email etc.

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