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Bryophyta (moss)Gametophyte: small, leaves that are 1 cell layer thick, attaches to substrate by rhizoids, all cells are parenchymaSporophyte: grows off of gametophyte, a capsule containing a single sporangium with an operculum on top. Reproduction: diecious, antheridia produce sperm, archegonia produce eggs. these undergo syngamy and grow into an adult, diploid sporophyte. 

Seedless Non-Vascular Overview:small and simple, typically in moist environments, take in water and minerals by diffusion, make use of rizoids, no true stems or leaves. These are gametophyte dominant. 

Liverworts:asexual reproduction by gemmae 

Seedless Vascular: evolved for the more effecient transport of water and minerals and sugars (vascular system). Has true roots, stems, leaves. These are sporophyte dominant, which is completely seperate from the gametophyte. Multiple sporophyls are produced. Can be homosporous or heterosporous. 

Lycophyta (clubmosses and spikemosses):

Pteridophyta (ferns):Sporophyte: the main body of the plant that is normaly seen, 

Seedless Non-Vascular

Seedless Vascular

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