Prolonged use of mobile phones can have health implications. Give examples of these.


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Vulnerable waves and body absorption: Some of the radio waves will be directed at your body when you use a mobile phone.  Radio waves are absorbed into your body tissue as energy, which adds to the energy being produced by your body's metabolism. The more energy your body is absorbing, and the higher the rise in temperature. Current research shows radio waves from mobile phones cause a rise in temperature of up to 0.1C. Children are more vulnerable, this is because their skulls and cells are still growing and tend to absorb radiation more easily.

Driving  Surveys suggest you are four times more likely to have an accident if you are using a mobile phone while driving.  Penalties for using a handheld mobile phone while driving were increased from £30 to £60, or up to £1,000 Driving whilst using a mobile phone can end up getting you killed, so it is a serious hazard.

Mobile phones can cause disruption in hospitals.  They can disturb patients who are resting and could be confused with alarm bells on medical equipment. Mobile phones and hospital equipment The radio waves from mobile phones can also interfere with medical devices

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