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CLASSIFICATION OF LAWS . 1. CIVIL AND CRIMINAL LAWDEFINITIONS OF CIVIL : deals with people rights and obligations which arise between individuals , companies or corporations. FUNCTION OF CIVIL : to uphold the right of individuals and to provide peace and harmony - division for civil casses # tort law :three branches : - -negligence ( kecuaian )example case : A is walking along a street and accendentically there is a bundle of flour fell from a window of a bakery shop and hit him . A suffered for a serious injured in his head . A sued the bakery shop's owner for the injuries. - tresspass ( pencerobohn )example cases : - nuisance ( gangguan)example cases: A make a party at his house and provide a loud song until disturbed his neighbour to study . however , even his neighboyr already told him to slow down the volume , he still refused to do it .His neighbour can sued him under tort law because A make nuisance.#contract law is a law that involve two or more people , companies or corporations that make an agreement on something . to give something or to pay something . example cases: Ali companies made an agreement with Abu companies . In the agreement, it state that Ali should pay RM 10 000 to Abu in order to get a bundle of cosmetic products . However , if Abu refused to give Ali a bundle of the cosmetic product , Ali can sued Abu for this . #family lawis a laws that involve or have jurisidction on family matter like divorce , status of husband and wife .- standard of roof : BALANCE OF PROBABILITIES - definition of BOR : both party can win the casses but the winner will determined by the amount of evidence given by a party . A party with more evidence will win the case. 2. CRIMINAL DEFINITION OF CRIMINAL : creates a law for protection of society and to maintain law and order . and whoever commit crime will be punished.FUNCTION OF CRIMINAL : to give punishment for the one who commit crime and as a lesson to others - standard of proof : BEYOND RESONABLE DOUBT - definition for BRD: the DPP must 100 percent sure that the accused that commit the crime.

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2. PUBLIC AND PRIVATE LAW(1) DEFINITION FOR PUBLIC LAW : Is a law that involve society and goverment (2) DEFINITION FOR PRIVATE LAW : is a law that involve or to ensure that there is a smooth and peace and harmony in everyday life for everyone . 3. DOMESTIC LAW / MUNICIPAL LAW / NATION LAW (1) DEFINITION : law that involve in a particular country . the law is made by the authorities in the country and the law is just for the society that live there . ( untuk ilve there tu tak pasti )division of domestic law :- PRIVATE LAW and PUBLIC LAW ada : ( substantive law ) + ( procedural law) - SUBSTANTIVE LAW : is a laws that control the rights or duties or liabilities for society to do or something that you cannot do it . example case : PENAL CODE- PROCEDURAL LAW : is a laws that state procedure to enforce substantive law . or to arrest someone .

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