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Advantages of using GoConqr Campus in your organisation
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A Personalised Learning Environment

GoConqr Campus gives you full access to a range of exclusive features for creating a customised social learning environment.

GoConqr Campus has been designed to give users total control over their working environment, allowing them to connect with the right colleagues, sharing the right content and receive the feedback they need to maximise their productivity and professional development.

Create, Share & Track Content on a Single Platform

Content creation tools are a dime a dozen, but GoConqr offers a suite of creation tools on a single platform so that users can choose which one best suits their purposes.And what makes Campus stand head and shoulders above the standard GoConqr offering is that it allows you to share all the content you create within your own private branded Campus company portal.This makes Campus a social learning platform that supports continuing professional development through seamless company-wide communication, collaboration and performance tracking. This means you can forget about the headache of having to switch between softwares to perform different tasks: Campus makes training and development easier by delivering an integrated, holistic solution to your business needs - whether they relate to knowledge sharing or professional development.

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Team Communication

Campus lets you communicate with employees and colleagues quickly, easily and privately.

Campus-only Groups

Say for example that your company has 200 employees working in multiple departments and on a variety of projects. How can your keep teams highly organised yet at the same time well integrated?With Campus, teams can set up specific groups to collaborate and communicate on particular tasks or projects. These can be seen and accessed by all Campus users within your company. This means that users working in different departments can request to join other company Campus groups in order to keep up to date with reports and strategies, or work together on particular projects.Because users can request to join any Groups of interest to them, they can customise their personal GoConqr environment. (However, note that Group admins have control when it comes to accepting requests to join or removing other Group members.)

Each Campus group therefore offers its members a dynamic learning environment - not only through the content that's shared with them, but from the input and interactions with other group members as they have total freedom to post resources, links and media with team members and receive feedback and support from multiple perspectives.

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Secure Sharing

Smart Links enables Campus Admins to share content quickly and securely with both users and non-users alike.

While sharing content with your Campus colleagues is easy to do, what happens in the event that you need to share content with people who are not Campus members? Smart Links allows you to do just this by sharing resources externally.This is ideal for actions such as pre-screening job candidates as part of the recruitment process (for example, by sharing a Quiz to test aptitude in a particular area). These resources can be accessed remotely by non-members by simply clicking on unique hyperlink. Smart Links can also be used for areas such as: Employee induction training Compliance training Health & safety Product training

You can share content externally with groups of non-members or with individuals. You can also keep track of the number of views your content had per user, along with how they performed on the content you shared with them (in the case of Quizzes and Flashcards).

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Tracking & Reporting

Measuring performance is the best way of understanding how to effectively improve it. Reporting lets you do just that.

Measuring performance over time can play a key part in helping to identify a number of important things. For one, it gives you greater insight into your employees' strengths, needs and areas of progress. It also allows you to understand how your content is performing so that you can tailor it to maximise its engagement and effectiveness.

Running a Report

Running a Report lets you see how users are performing on company Quizzes. When doing this, you will be presented with a number of options so that you can customise your Report in order to obtain the information you are looking for.For example, you can choose the start date the Report to measure progress over time; select the Groups or content you wish to run a Report on; or opt to generate a Report on an individual user, or tailored Group of individuals.

Performance Tracking

Once you are happy with your selections, clicking the Run Report button will bring up a performance overview displaying user scores, a breakdown of how they performed on each question, and the number of times a piece of content was viewed, by whom and when. You can sort these results by user name or by score.Such information is valuable for determining what learning or training style works best per user, and allows trainers to make changes to their content learning material and strategies in order to increase their effectiveness.

So with that brief run-down of some of the exclusive features of GoConqr Campus done and dusted, it's time to log in, join your colleagues, and explore the potential of Campus to learn more and go further!

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Course Creation and Certification

Structure content delivery and reward performance with Certificates

A course is a series of resources structured by a user, to present information and/or quizzes in order. A course creator can specify if a course must be completed sequentially, and if a minimum score is required to progress to the next element in a course.Campus users can track performance across a Course, including choosing whether to award points for viewing resources and how to weight elements of a course.Certification is an exclusive Campus feature where you can award a certificate to a user based on their performance on a course. This appears on their profile.

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GoConqr Campus for Companies Watch the video here or click the link to request a demonstration

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